THE TEVA STORY

  The original Tucson Electric Vehicle Association - or TEVA - came together in the 1990s and
  disbanded just a few years later, concurrent with the first wave of limited edition, commercially-
  available EVs. A reincarnation of the original organization was formed around 2006 and was
  known for a few years as TEVA2. The emphasis during this period was on converting
  gasoline cars to electric power. By late 2011, a new generation of manufactured electric cars
  began to become available, affordable and plentiful. The club began to grow and participate
  in more public events. We dropped the "2" from our name and reverted back to the original
  TEVA moniker in mid 2013.

  Some of our membership base has been with us since the very beginning. Some drifted away
  for a few years and have come back. We are still very interested in home-made vehicle
  conversions and welcome our members to innovate in this way. But most of the membership
  growth in recent years has come from individuals who are driving late model factory-made
  electric cars: everything from spartan compacts to high performance luxury models.

  We're also a resource for those who don't yet own an EV and want to know more about them.
  In addition to advocating for intelligently-configured public charging infrastructure, we work
  with local, regional and state government entities, encouraging them to adopt EVs into their
  portfolios. This includes everything from fleet passenger vehicles to much larger ones, such as
  electric buses and even electric garbage trucks.

  There's an obvious synergy between EVs and renewable energy sources, especially with solar PV
  here in southern Arizona. Many of our members also have solar panels on their rooftops and are,
  increasingly, "driving on sunshine." There's a two-fold benifit here: both an environmentally
  positive one and a desire to use energy that is independent from a potentially volitile international
  petroleum market.

  A couple of decades on, we're just getting started. EVs represent about only a single percentage
  point of private vehicle fleet in Arizona as of early 2017, but that's changing fast. We expect
  exponential growth in both EV adoption and TEVA membership over the next few years.
  We hope you'll join us in our mission.

Image of 1993 GM Impact EV concept car.
    The 1993 General Motors Impact EV concept, which led the way to the limited production EV1 several years later.

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