TEVA MEETING SCHEDULE FOR EARLY 2018

          Please check ahead of time for last minute updates, resheduling or changes in location!

         DATE                       TIME                           PLACE                   TOPICS

     Saturday, Mar. 17        9:00AM to 12:00 Noon         Academy Village, Vail           (see below)

                                               MARCH 17 MEETING DETAILS

   TEVA will have a special meeting on Saturday, March17, 2018. extending from 9AM to
   12:00 Noon. Our location will be Academy Village in Vail, just west of metro Tucson.
   The general public is welcome to attend.

                                                           GETTING THERE

   The street address is 13715 E. Langtry Lane. This Google map will bring you to it.

   Basically,  head east on any of the main east-west Tucson surface streets (Speedway, Broadway,
   22nd St.) and turn south (right) onto Houghton Rd. About a mile south of 22nd Street, Houghton
   intersects with Old Spanish Trail. Turn east (left-hand turn.)

   Old Spanish Trail winds to the east and, after about 3 miles from Houghton, intersects with
   S. Freeman Rd., at the west boundy of Saguaro National Park East. Turn right (south.)
   At about this point, Freeman Rd. changes it's name to Old Spanish Trail.

   Procede south for about 3 miles and Old Spanish Trail will, once again wind to the east.
   Keep your eyes open for the Rocking K Ranch Stables and the Rincon Valley Cowboy Church.
   A couple thousand feet beyond this will be the left-hand turn onto S. Rainwater Lane.

   Take that turn and procede several hundred feet until you meet the Langtry Lane intersection.
   Well have signage in place on early Saturday morning to guide you to the parking area of the
   Arizona Senior Academy Great Room.


   Note the extended meeting time. We will devote the 1st hour (9AM-10AM) to general TEVA
   business. Then, the 2nd hour will be devoted to a presentation of electric vehicle and charging
   technology. This will segue into an outdoor "Ride & Drive" at around 11AM, which we
   anticipate will conclude at around 12:00 Noon.

   The "Ride & Drive" will be an opportunity for interested meeting attendees to get behind the
   wheel of electric vehicles for a brief drive around the Academy Village complex. We'll also
   have copies of the buyers guide magazine, The Electric Car Insider, available for interested

   We'd like to extend our thanks to TEVA member and Academy Village resident Joe Heigert,
   as well as the Academy Village Sustainability Committee, for coordinating our special March
   2018 meeting.

                                  GENERAL TEVA MEETING INFORMATION

   The Tucson Electric Vehicle Association, unless otherwise noted, meets the morning of the
   third Saturday of each month from 9:00AM to 11:00AM. Anyone with an interest in electric
   vehicles is welcome to attend and converse at meetings, although you need to be a paying
   TEVA member to participate in votes.

   Meetings typically encompass a short introduction of attending members and guests, a rundown
   of current electric vehicle news and topics pertaining  to clubs activities. We also occasionally
   host guests speakers, including government and industry representatives, who provide Q & A
   sessions regarding timely local and regional EV-related topics. Following the meeting, we often
   retreat to the meeting place parking area, to see who is driving what.

                            NEW MEETING LOCATIONS FOR 2018

   For many years, TEVA was pleased to be able to use the meeting facilities at the UA Banner
   University Medical Center. Unfortunaley, Banner was unable to accomodate TEVA for 2018.
   Hence, we will be meeting at a variety of locations for early 2018, until a new permanent one
   is finalized.

                          SATURDAY, APRIL 17, 2018 (TENTATIVE)
                  HARLEY HIGBIE'S GARAGE

   TEVA member Harley Higbie has recently begun a long anticipated EV conversion project
   of a classic VW Karmann Ghia and, even before we learned of Banner's unavailability, we had
   made plans to make Harley's garage a meeting location in early 2018. Check back to this space
   soon for confirmation of this location for the April meeting, as well as detailed directions on how
   to get there.

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