National organizers and advocates . . . 

The Electric Auto Association (EAA) is the parent organization to TEVA and hundreds of other chapters across the United States. 
Plug In America is a separate California-based non-profit organization that advocates for energy independence and clean air. 

 The EAA, Plug In America and the Sierra Club provide national coordination and guidance.  But volunteers in each individual hosting city design activities to fit their specific locales. 

Of local and regional interest . . .

In addition to this web site, The Tucson Electric Vehicle Association (TEVA) maintains a
Facebook page and, although not officially TEVA - affiliated, the EV Tucson GoogleGroup finds many EV owners throughout the southern Arizona region in communication with each other.

The Pima Association of Governments (PAG) manages the
Tucson Clean Cities coalition; a voluntary program of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that promotes the use of alternatives to petroleum and diesel fuels, which includes the use of EVs.

   Local News Items:

         KOLD EV Spotlight    Bob Bulechek explains need for public EV charging to Bud Foster.


Where do we Plug In? . . .

Anyone with an EV on the move will want to get to know
PlugShare. It's the world’s biggest and most accurate public charging map. You’ll find over 140,000 public stations, including all major networks in North America, Europe and Asia. It’s also the world’s largest EV driver community. PlugShare users have contributed nearly 1,000,000 station reviews and photos to help drivers make the most informed charging decisions possible.  Also see:   for hotel charging and   Adopt a Charger.
Here is a site with driving guides to the Southwest for the EV driver: Electric Road Trips

   A very informative video on EV charging from InsideEVs!

Sources of EV news and information . . .

For an introduction to EVs and answers to some beginners questions try the UK sites and for overviews of the current technology.  Also see: Maddie Goes Electric: Choosing Your Electric Car.

Although not strictly limited to electric vehicle propulsion, Mike Millikin's Green Car Congress is one of the largest and most authoritative news sources for alternative fuel vehicle technology. Topics pertaining to Electric Vehicles and Batteries & Energy Storage are sorted accordingly.

Charles Morris is the editor of Charged EV, which is another excellent source for EV news.

Also a cut above mainstream media sources when it comes to reliable EV information are specialty sites like Jay Cole's Inside EVs, Brad Berman's Plug In Cars, Steve Hanley's Gas2, Fred Lambert's Electrek and John Voelcker's Green Car Reports. See also Evobsession, a collection of news and opinion on current EV development.

Pedro Lima's Push EVs comes by way of Portugal and provides a Euro-centric perspective on electric cars that's often overlooked in U.S. based reporting and Zachary Shahan's Cleantechnica features regular electric car articles mixed in with the latest news on solar, wind and other renewable energy topics. And is certainly for everyone!

EEPower is a site of electric power technology news that includes application to Evs.

Two Wheeling and Alternate . . .

Pedigo Electric Bikes  - Local sales of a variety of electric cycles

Wheelsity  - Electric Cycles and Scooters in the U.K.

EVs For Sale . . .

As more EVs come to the market more on-line sales sites enter to supply demand. Here are some of the more prominent sites where a buyer can search for EVs by defining desired models and locales. If you're interested in buying or selling an EV, the following links (some directing to the EV sub-listings) are good place to start:
Autoblog : Adjustable searches, links to Carfax.
Autolist : Wide selection of nationwide listings.
Cargurus : Selectable search filter, nationwide listing.
Carmax Tucson : Good search filter, informative articles.
Craigslist : Wide range of vehicles
eBay Motors : Search filter, nationwide listing.
Edmunds : Shows available cars within 100 miles.
Enterprise Car Sales : Variety of vehicles off lease and rentals, Carfax reports, (sort by fuel type )
EVfinder : Many unusual EVs and project cars; parts.
EV Tradin' Post : Electric cars, parts, tools and supplies
Kelly Blue Book "The Trusted Resource" Used electrics sortable by make.

MyEV     EV shopping site!  New and used of all kinds.

EV Conversion Information;

Electric vehicle conversion – Wikipedia

Doing a Conversion - Electric Car Conversion | HowStuffWorks


Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association – The future of transportation is electric.


Darren's 2001 Volkswagen Jetta


Used Cars that Make Great Electric Car Conversions | CARFAX

EV Technology and General Suppliers:

This is just a partial and constantly changing list and one can do browser searches and find many more private postings and other sales sites.

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