The Tucson Electric Vehicle Association, unless otherwise noted, meets the morning of the third Saturday of each month from 9:00AM to 11:00AM. Anyone with an interest in electric vehicles is welcome to attend and converse at meetings, although you need to be a paying TEVA member to participate in votes. 

Meetings typically encompass a short introduction of attending members and guests, a rundown of current electric vehicle news and topics pertaining  to clubs activities. We also occasionally host guests speakers, including government and industry representatives, who provide Q & A sessions regarding timely local and regional EV-related topics. Following the meeting, we often retreat to the meeting place parking area, to see who is driving what. 


SATURDAY, JAN.18 @ 9:00 - 11:00 AM
New Location: Reforma Modern Mexican Restaurant
In Banquet Room
4340 N. Campbell Ave Ste 101
Best parking to East of restaurant. Weekends feature Farmer's Market around West Plaza. 


 Meeting coincides with Zoom-Zoom Event at Children's Museum downtown.

Abbreviated meeting will be called to order by Paul Pederson.

Introductions (10-15 minutes) Around the room, each person states their name and what EV they drive or have interest in.


TEVA Business (15 minutes)

  • Treasurer Report: Financials

  • Secretary Report: Minutes and Membership Totals

  • BOD Report: Recent BOD Decisions and Actions

  • Marketing/Publicity Report:  Current Social Media Totals, Call for Input on Updating Website


Events Planning (15 minutes)​ 

  1. Review of all upcoming events.

  2. Review of plans for Jerry's Plug'n All Around AZ.  

  3. Adopt-A-Charger ideas

Community/Legislative (15 minutes)

  1. Planning for Sonoran Corridor

  2. Corporation Commission plans discussion on Electric Vehicles, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, and the Electrification of the Transportation Sector in Arizona 

  3. Arizona Legislative plans for new gas and vehicle taxes

Industry Trends (15 minutes)

  1. Open discussion

Battery and Technical

  1. Current news on Battery (open discussion; 15 minutes)

  2. Charging Issues (open discussion; 15 minutes)

  3. EV Conversion (open discussion; 15 minutes)

Questions/New Business (15 minutes)

Note: If you are interested in seeing a particular type of vehicle or want to talk to an EV owner, please make that known during the question section. TEVA Members are here to connect and share our experience and knowledge in driving EV!



    Feb. 15, Mar. 21, Apr. 18

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